Friday, August 5, 2011

Phonic Songs : ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or

Song of /ai/ : (Tune : Camptown Races)
My ear hurt.
I was in pain.
/ai/ ? /ai/ ?
My ear hurt.
I was in pain.
What did you try to say?
Action : Cup your hand over your ear, as if you are hard of hearing and say ai ai ai?

Song of /j/ : (Tune : Jingle Bells)
Jelly and jam, jelly and jam.
Jiggling on the plate.
Oh, what will I eat with it?
/j/ /j/ /j/ /j/ /j/
Action : Pretend to wobble on a plate, and say j, j, j, j.

Song of /oa/ : (Tune : The Muffin Man)
Oh, did you see the billy goat?
/oa/ /oa/ /oa/ /oa/ /oa/ /oa/
Oh, did you see the billy goat,
under the old oak tree?
Action : Bring a hand over your mouth, as if something has gone wrong, and say oh!

Song of /ie/ : (Tune : The Farmer in the Dell)
The captain said, " /ie/ /ie/" !
The captain said, " /ie/ /ie/" !
"Stand up straight! Don't be late!"
The captain said, " /ie/ /ie/" !
Action : Stand to attention and salute, say ie ie!

Song of /ee/ /or/ : (Tune : Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
See the donkey in its stall.
"eeyore~  /ee/ /or/"
is its call.
Action: Put your hands on your head, and flap them up and down like the ears of a donkey, saying eeyore, eeyore.

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